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Legal Setup

Officers & Directors


The law requires the disclosure of two years of GAAP financials before you can begin fundraising.


Access Codes

Past Raises & Loans

Please disclose all funds that your company has raised in the past, such as preferred stock, convertible debt, SAFE's, or loans. Any debts or past raises discussed in your financial statements should also appear here.

Use of Funds

Provide a detailed description of how you intend to use the money that you raise. If you have a range of possible uses, describe each probable use and how you'll use to choose among them. The maximum you may raise with Regulation Crowdfunding is $5M per year. The law does not require the disclosure of use of funds in excess of $5M if raised in a concurrent Reg D round.

Disclose all Risks

List anything, specific to your company, that would make it risky for investors to invest. Refrain from general statements and try to be as specific as possible on risks that are unique to you. If in doubt, include it. Investors respect transparency. And it protects you.
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Cap Table

Describe any outstanding securities or classes of securities.
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Upload Financials

Financials must comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and include a balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, change in stockholders' equity, and notes.

Based on your fiscal year, date organized, and your maximum funding target, the law requires:

2020 GAAP Financial Statements
2019 GAAP Financial Statements
Signed CPA Review Statement
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