Blockchain Technology

Welcome to a new era of financial innovation

Save Costs and Streamline Administration

ChainRaise Technologies provides the ability to bring your cap table onto the blockchain, making it a smart cap table. A smart cap table, also called a Mirror-table, streamlines, automates, and saves you cost on the logistical mess of taking on investors.

Automate Compliance

The blockchain allows for automated compliance! This allows for the Issuer to program the compliance into the token, and ensure all regulations are being followed at all times. 

Enhanced Investor Experience

ChainRaise Technologies offers Blockchain services to enhance your investment! Our in house platform offers business owners, real estate owners, etc the ability to create Security Tokens. Security tokens are representations of securities issued using a blockchain infrastructure. As they are securities, the typical securities laws from the issuer and investor jurisdictions apply. If the Issuer chooses to tokenize the cap table, it provides;