Collect Monthly Passive Income With Cannabis Real Estate.

Get Your Cash FLO High!

FLO is acquiring long term leased retail, commercial, and specialty properties leased to licensed cannabis operators. Our origination and management capabilities have been time tested with management responsible for over $1B of acquisitions.

Why Cannabis Real Estate?

Incredible Deal Flow

FLO is acquiring NNN leased cannabis real estate in prime high barrier to entry cannabis markets before the general banking market is interested in long term financing. This will create an out sized value increase to our investment via cap rate compression of 2-3 basis points basis over a 3-4 year period.

Surging Market

Cannabis sales are exploding! In the U.S. it increased 40% in 2021, and increased 67% in 2020. With more legalization soon to come, continuous high growth is likely. FLO is where investors of all sorts get equal access to this surging market.

Monthly Cash Distributions

Every FLO share not only provides you with direct ownership to the asset, but this also means a monthly dividend proportionate with your ownership percentage acquired, will be sent to you each month.

Capital Appreciation

With the future approval of SAFE Banking, more states opting to legalize, we believe cannabis properties values will increase and outpace other real estate sectors.

Inflation Hedge

We believe that cannabis real estate is an inflation-resistant asset. Appreciation and rent increases in cannabis real estate can help you avoid the invisible inflation tax.

Lower Volatility than Stocks

For investors who want to protect their investments by diversifying away from volatile equities, we believe cash flowing commercial real estate is a secure choice.

Get Your Cash Flow High


Targeted Average Annual Investor Returns


Targeted Average Annual Cash Distibutions

Targeted refers to a goal which may or may not be attained based on a variety of assumptions which may or may not be realized. Please contact FLO for an explanation of how such numbers are calculated.

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