Investing 101

How it works

ChainRaise Portal™ connects investors with accessible and liquidable real estate investment opportunities.

Discover the property

The ChainRaise Portal™ offers an interactive way to discover and analyze investment opportunities.  Use our Explore page to discover opportunities.

Make an investment

Whether you’re a professional investor, a day trader, or just thinking about it, there are investment opportunities to be had through the ChainRaise Portal™.

Follow the trends

ChainRaise Portal™ enables investors to invest in the real estate market for as little as $100. Track asset performance through the personalized investment dashboard.

Why ChainRaise?

Invest in real estate quickly and easily

Using an integrated investment dashboard with an integrated payment system, you can easily make investments, manage payments, withdraw funds, and more. Our sleek, intuitive user interface makes it a snap even if you’re new to investing.


Find properties across a wide range of markets

With ChainRaise Tech, you can invest in a variety of real estate deals. Browse our selection of real estate properties to find new investment opportunities.

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