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OME: Pioneering a New Era in Streaming and Artist Empowerment

At OME we are changing the game and redefining it. Our groundbreaking platform is at the forefront of a revolution in the streaming industry, uniquely designed to enable artists to reap substantial rewards from their creative endeavors. By integrating the cutting-edge capabilities of blockchain technology, OME is an innovative fusion of streaming, traditional retail, and a dynamic marketplace — all geared towards empowering artists like never before.

Maximizing Artist Earnings with Unprecedented Transparency

OME stands as a beacon of empowerment in an industry where artist compensation has often been minimal. Here, artists retain a staggering 92% to 98% of their earnings, based on their chosen subscription tier. Our platform offers a free basic membership and an affordable Premium option at just $10, ensuring that every artist has a cost-effective pathway to monetize their content. The direct flow of funds from purchasers to artists eradicates the need for intermediaries, guaranteeing maximum earnings and complete control over distribution.

A Diverse Marketplace for a Spectrum of Creative Works

Our vision extends beyond music. OME is a versatile platform where artists can monetize a wide array of content — from digital art and videos to live events and exclusive merchandise. We transform artists into entrepreneurs, providing them with a marketplace to interact directly with their audience. This not only amplifies their earning potential but also strengthens their connection with fans, creating a vibrant community of creators and consumers

Revolutionizing Access and Ownership in the Digital Age

OME is pioneering a paradigm shift in how access and ownership are experienced in the digital realm. Through digital tokens and NFTs, we offer a sense of ownership reminiscent of owning physical albums. These unique, tamper-proof tokens forge a deeper bond between artists and their audience, creating mutual value and respect. By restoring ownership to the audience, OME nurtures a richer, more meaningful engagement with both the content and its creators.

Fortifying Authenticity in the Age of AI

In an era where AI-generated imitations are an increasing concern, OME provides a secure and transparent solution for artists. Our integration of blockchain technology and NFTs ensures that every piece of content is authentic and traceable back to the original creator. This not only guards against forgeries but also upholds the integrity of the artist’s work, instilling confidence in enthusiasts about the authenticity of their digital acquisitions.

Join OME: Where Artistry Meets Innovation

At OME, we have built the platform and now we are cultivating a movement. A movement where artists are valued, creativity is rewarded, and fans are partners in the journey. Be a part of this transformation. Experience the future of streaming with OME — where innovation, integrity, and empowerment converge.

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