Crowdfund Your Next Capital Raise With The ChainRaise Crowdfunding Portal

Crowdfunding Your Next Raise

Crowdfunding grew over 1,000% YoY from 2020-2021, and is quickly becoming an additional capital raising channel in addition to VC or other pathways of fundraising. Crowdfunding is another arrow in the quiver, and can be used in addition to other fundraising strategies.
  • Raise up to $5M, both accredited and unaccredited
  • Reg D offerings available, with unlimited raise number
  • An online data room, to offer high results and less energy output
  • Investors turned into Brand Ambassadors
  • Investors become a close affiliated community, to network, create new opportunities, and more!

Why ChainRaise instead of
traditional venture capital?

Align with Your

Allow your customers to succeed with you! Why not make them rich alongside you?

Build a network
of Support

Your cap table becomes your ally. They can bring you sales, new hires, and more!

Keep Control of
Your Vision

If a board room at Apple was able to fire Steve Jobs, they can fire anyone. Maintain control!

and Sales

Each investor is a marketing and sales channel, happier than ever to help!

Spend Less Time
Raising of Support

Our system will automate the raising of capital, bringing in investors 24/7. No distractions for you!

Don’t Allow
VC’s to Bully

VC firms will use their leverage, telling you 20% equity is standard. Not around here!

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