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How It Works

With the ChainRaise Crowdfunding Portal, you can invest in investment opportunities across a variety of industries

Discover the asset

ChainRaise Portal™ offers an interactive way to discover and analyze investment opportunities. Use our Explore page to discover opportunities.

Make an investment

Whether you’re a professional investor or just getting started, there are investment opportunities to be had through ChainRaise Portal™.

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ChainRaise Portal™ enables investors to invest in real estate securities and alternative assets for as little as $100. Track asset performance through the personalized investment dashboard.


Bringing assets
onto the blockchain

Using blockchain technology, we are able to facilitate the issuance of  Security Tokens or “Digital Shares” to investors upon completion of the capital raise. After the required lock up period from the raise, investors may then be able to trade their Security Tokens on a secondary market if established. No longer trapping you in a private capital investment without an exit.



Crowdfund Your Next Capital Raise!

A crowdfunding campaign is a departure from the well-known, long-standing traditional methods of raising capital: bootstrapping, angel investment, venture capital, credit cards, and bank loans.

Learn how to make the most of your capital raise through a strategic crowdfunding campaign.