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Investing involves risks, including the risk of loss and liquidity risk

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Bringing assets
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ChainRaise Technologies, a subsidiary of ChainRaise LLC (the parent company) is able to create Security Tokens Using blockchain technology. We are able to issue Security Tokens or “Digital Shares” to investors upon completion of the capital raise. This provides a plethora of benefits including the most important, potential liquidity. After the required lock up period from the raise, investors can now trade their Security Tokens on an exchange. No longer trapping you in a private capital investment without an exit.

Early-Bird Offering


Reg CF real estate investment fund

$5MTarget Raise

Min. Investment

Upcoming Offerings

Drone Industry Systems

Autonomous fleet delivery system

$2MTarget Raise

Min. Investment

$Fan Token

Fan-first commerce platform

$3.5MTarget Raise

Min. Investment

TechWare Solutions

Technician software made for a WEB3 world

$1MTarget Raise

Min. Investment

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