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California has been facing a housing shortage for the past several years. The California housing market is seeing a shortage of about 881,000 homes. This is a result of not adding enough housing to meet demand which has created a backlog so large that it can’t be corrected quickly by a few years of population loss. Currently, California is the state with the biggest housing crisis in the United States.

Our Solution:

To participate in the necessary demand for homes by building a new sub-division called Brookwood Estates which will consist of 17 semi-custom homes in a gated community located in Roseville, California. This city is part of the Greater Sacramento area which is currently the number one destination in the nation that people are moving to according to Redfin and U-haul. The sub-division will offer four floorplans that sit on half acre lots and will range in 2,700 – 3,500 square feet. Some homes will offer the option to add an additional dwelling unit of approximately 750 square feet. The land has been purchased and the floor plans have official city approval.

About Us:

We, at Bianchi-Tillett Developers, are one of Northern California’s premier home builders and have over two decades of experience that is synonymous with quality, innovation, and trust. We are committed to excellence and sustainable growth. We have cultivated long-term relationships with trades allowing us to obtain competitive pricing which helps control building costs. Our showroom features an entire library of highly curated design materials that allow us to bring each project to life. We take pride in being a one stop shop where we develop land, build luxury homes, and offer our clients our design showroom so that they can select their preferred finishes.

We are not just building homes, we are building futures. We, at Bianchi-Tillett Developers, are shaping Northern California’s luxury living.

The Tokens:

Non-Accredited investors can purchase a minimum of 1,000 tokens (=$1,000) and a maximum of 100,000 tokens (=$100,000)
Accredited investors can purchase a minimum of 1,000 tokens (=$1,000) and a maximum of 1,000,000 tokens (=$1,000,000)

Potential Returns:

The expected return on investment of this opportunity is about 16-18% of the investment amount which includes an 8% preferred return and a profit split of 40%. Investors can expect returns in less than 24 months from the time the capital raise is complete. This is a unique feature of this offering as typical real estate deals do not see a return on investment for five years or more.

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New Issuer Account Setup

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