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Victory Litigation Fund

Building wealth by advancing social justice on behalf of veterans and their families


Veterans are under attack

American veterans, who have bravely protected our nation's values, face multiple challenges, leading to a shameful rate of 22 suicides every single day due to issues like complex PTSD, loneliness, and depression.

Right now, some veterans and their family members are entitled to government funded financial awards, but many are currently reluctant to access them because predatory lawyers are trying to take up to 50% of their money.

The Case

This travesty of justice is happening right now in the Camp Lejeune Water Litigation, where the number of veterans eligible to receive a financial settlement due to toxic exposure damages is estimated to be approximately 1 million people.

The Honoring Our PACT Act of 2022 is the law that allows veterans and their families to seek justice for the different injuries and damages resulting from exposure to toxic conditions. This lawsuit is called Camp Lejeune Water Litigation (CLWL)

It is estimated that over 1 million people are eligible, and that CLWL will pay over $6 billion dollars of taxpayer money to the affected veterans who file claims.

Shamefully, most lawyers trying to represent these veterans intend to be predatory by charging upwards of 50% of the settlement total, double the federal tort claim act standard of 25%.

Our Solution

Veterans versus Lawyers in a Battle For Camp Lejeune Legal Awards

The Camp Lejeune Water Litigation gives Veterans an opportunity to recapture a significant amount of money that would have otherwise gone to those predatory lawyers and greedy hedge funds and put it back into veteran communities.

The Victory Litigation fund intends to help at least 10,000 veterans who suffer from toxic exposure while being stationed at Camp Lejeune.

A proven track record

The Victory Litigation Fund has been formed by a veteran who has deep industry experience in both finance and law that has harnessed the power of litigation finance to help the veteran community.

Ron Lasorsa is the Managing General Partner responsible for creating the Company's growth strategy, executing its business model, and directing operations. Ron brings an experienced yet non-traditional view on the market demands currently reshaping the 21st-century delivery of legal services.

Ron's over 30 years of managerial and financial experience spans the legal, financial, and direct-response advertising industries. With experience working at the investment banks JP Morgan, ABN Amro, and UBS, and a successful $40MM exit from his previous law firm, Ron is ready to continue to support law firms and take on mass tort litigation cases to find Justice for all of those who were affected by the negligence of big companies or the US Government.

How you can help

When you invest, your funds go to originating claims in the Camp Lejeune Water Litigation. Once their cases are settled, Veterans will receive their legal award, investors will receive distributions until they 10x their investment, and the rest of the profits will be allocated to Victory Village.

In addition to this Reg CF offering, investors may also invest through a Reg D offering which allows Accredited Investors to participate.

Potential Returns

The expected return on investment of this unique opportunity is 10x the total amount invested.

Join us today and help us get Justice for U.S. Veterans and their families.

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